"The future is a place we create"
- Deborah B. Fencer

About My Practice In Massachusetts

Deborah is a professional educational therapist (ET/P) and licensed speech pathologist serving the comprehensive needs of children, adolescents and adults with suspected or diagnosed language/learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and high-functioning autistic spectrum disorder, all of which contribute to difficulties in school, the workplace and in relationships.

Deborah brings a broad expertise to address learning challenges with both a remedial and therapeutic approach.  To help clients deal with their learning challenges and achieve their learning goals, Deborah recognizes the crucial importance of providing both a remediation response to directly address the learning difficulty and a therapeutic response to untangle any emotional, social or behavioral issues which may block learning especially those stemming from repeated failure and exposure to people’s reaction to that failure.

Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself or your child, you will have the opportunity to act as a partner in the teacher/learner relationship to develop the goals that best serve you or your child.  Deborah will help clients to gain the insight they need to manage their learning challenges and the tools they need to become self-regulated, strategic learners.

All therapy service delivery is private, one on one.  Insurance is not accepted.  I welcome your calls, emails, questions, and most of all, look forward to meeting with you! 

Initial phone or 30-minute personal consultation is free of charge.